Loch Lundie

A wild moorland walk around a picturesque loch with fine views of Ben Tee.

Begin at the Invergarry Post Office and walk quarter of a mile west along the A87. Turn off to the right after crossing a bridge over a burn: there are two houses here - the one closer to the road used to be the village shop and post office, and there is still a post box in the wall beside it; the house to the right was the Aldernaig mill. Take the landrover track up hill between the two houses and through a gate; it climbs up through mixed woodland alongside the Aldernaig Burn. After about 10 minutes turn right at a T junction. The trees thin out shortly afterwards giving views to the windfarm and the hills to the north.

About 15 minutes later the track passes a stand of scots pine trees and then takes a sharp turn to the right. Look out for the boathouse to the left a few minutes after this - a lovely spot to stop and take in the first views of Loch Lundie.

The track continues on along the east side of Loch Lundie with good views across to conical Ben Tee. After about 1 mile the track reaches another T junction with a big track - turn left here. It contours around the hillside under the now-invisible windmills, passing ruined crofts and crossing several streams (avoid the rickety remains of bridges and ford the streams instead). Just before reaching the Allt Lundie turn off the new track on to a less distinct track on the left. Further on, about one mile after the T junction, the track reaches a fence which is easily crossed with a stile, and then climbs up for about 50m. Heading downhill on the other side ignore all new tracks coming in from the right and follow the main path down towards the forestry plantation.

The track skirts alongside the forest and soon reaches a gate in the deer fence. Not long after this gate a grassy fork in the track leads down to the right through the trees and reaches the A87. Turn left and walk with care along this busy road for about quarter of a mile to a junction signposted 'Faichem'. Don't take this road, but instead cross over the A87 and find a footpath heading south downhill. This track leads down to White Bridge and the river Garry. Cross the forest road, staying on the left bank of the Garry, and follow the path alongside the river for 1.5 miles. On reaching the metal bridge across the Garry, take the track up to the left to return to the Invergarry Post Office.